Winter 2020

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Players will train in either 1-on-1 or small groups with players of similar age or ability. Coaches will design a training plan unique to the individual player and work hard to help the player improve their skills and achieve their goals. All practice programs are designed to help the player improve technically and show how to apply what is being learned in practice into a game situation. Players can practice once or up to four times a week to give them as many touches of the ball as they want. Friday nights are for the advanced Players and Middle School only. Sundays are for High School Players. Players will be given a player portal in which a curriculum can be shared so players can work on their own to keep improving their playing ability. Within this portal, players will receive feedback in the form of written evaluations, visually through video analysis, as well as verbal feedback on the field during practice.


Times and Locations


Monday: 5-6 pm, St. Joes, Aberdeen, NJ

Tuesday: 5-6 pm, St. Joes, Aberdeen, NJ

Wednesday: 6-8 pm, Pillars Prep, South River, NJ

Thursday: 5-6 pm, St. Joes, Aberdeen, NJ

Friday: 6-8 pm, EST, Red Bank (Advanced Groups/Middle School Only)

Sunday: 6-8 pm, EST, Red Bank (High School Only)

Players Train indoor for 10 weeks in Small Groups with Private Trainers. Practices are high paced and designed to get players as many touches on the ball as possible in the hour. Players can train as many days as they want for one price.

Individual Training Package: $700, guarantees you one private lesson per week and access to any other clinic.

Semi-Private Package: $350, Allows you to train unlimited as many times a week as you want by joining any semi-private group.

Build Your Own Group: $300 per player. Minium of 5 players per group. Group can only train once a week


**All players must confirm practices days and times no later than 3 days in advance. If none of the above days/times work you, please reach out and we can discuss alternative days and times.